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How to Pay

How to Pay for a Part-Time Course

Payment Methods


It is currently not possible to pay online but you can pay by alternative methods as detailed below

By Post

You can pay by post by submitting your completed enrolment form along with a cheque or postal order. If you have completed your enrolment online, please ensure to attach your name, address, date of birth and course information to payment so we can locate your details on our system.

Cheques (signed) / Postal Orders must be made payable to ‘North West Regional College’ and crossed Account Payee only. Currently, we can only accept Sterling cheques. Please do not enclose cash.

For Courses at Strand RoadFor Courses at LimavadyFor Courses at Strabane
Administration Office
North West Regional College
Strand Road
BT48 7AL
Administration Office
North West Regional College,
Main Street
BT49 0EX
Administration Office
North West Regional College,
39 Derry Road, Strabane
BT82 8DX

You can enrol in person at any of our main College campuses at Strand Road, Limavady and Strabane during normal office hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am – 4:45pm and Friday: 9:00am – 3:45pm. Please adhere to the college’s COVID guidelines.

By Telephone

If you have completed your online enrolment, you can pay your fees by telephone using credit or debit card. Reduced fees cannot be paid via telephone enrolment until our Admissions Team have validated your evidence. Please ensure you have the relevant course details to hand.

  • For courses at Strand Road, Springtown and Strabane call 028 7127 6000
  • For courses at Limavady or Greystone call 028 7127 8700

Fee Types

Pay Reduced Fee

If you wish to claim a reduced fee you MUST upload relevant evidence. Our Admissions Team will review your evidence and if valid your account will be amended to the concessionary fee which you can pay online. If however, your evidence is not valid we will contact you and you will be required to pay the full fee to confirm your place.

Pay by Direct Debit/Instalments

If you wish to pay your course by direct debit or instalments, you are required to call into the College in-person to pay a deposit as outlined to complete and sign the relevant Direct Debit/Instalment Form.

If your course is:

  • over £150 you can also pay by direct debit/instalment and pay £100 deposit
  • between £151 – £400 you can pay by direct debit/instalment and pay 25% deposit

Copies of the Direct Debit mandate is available to download online:

Employer to Pay

If your employer is paying your course fees, you are required to complete the Employer to Pay Form. This can then be uploaded to your online account. We will also accept a signed and stamped letter from your employer.

StudentFinanceNI to Pay

If your fees are being paid by StudentfinanceNI, you are required to upload a copy of your confirmation letter to your online account.