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Policies and Legal Documents

The North West Regional College is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users while providing the highest possible quality of service. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with Data Protection Legislation). See our Data Protection Policy

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Privacy and Data Protection

The College’s Appropriate Policy Document provides information about the legal basis and safeguards the College has put in place for sensitive processing, the processing of special categories of personal data and criminal convictions data.

Potential and current students are encouraged to refer to these Terms and Conditions to ensure that they are familiar with College policies, procedures and expectations. They contain important information that you should be aware of to enable you to make informed decisions when you are applying or when you are enrolled at North West Regional College.

The North West Regional College has produced a publication scheme in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) model scheme.

Please see Publication Scheme below together with other NWRC Freedom of Information guidance documents.

FOI – Publication Scheme

FOI – Management Guide

FOI – Information Request Form

FOI – Guide for Applicants – 2020

FOI – Disclosure Guidelines

FOI – Charging Fees – 2020

Terms of use this website

The North West Regional College takes every effort to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate. However, NWRC cannot accept any liability for the accuracy or content. Visitors who rely on this information do so at their own risk. Please read our disclaimer in the next tab.


Save where otherwise specified, the contents of all the pages contained in the website are copyright of the North West Regional College. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of these pages in any form is prohibited other than in accordance with the following permissions. The user may make an electronically stored, transient copy of these web pages for the purpose of viewing them online only.

Logos, domain names and trademarks of companies appearing in the website are the property of their respective owners.


The copying and use of the North West Regional College logo and other North West Regional College-related logos is not permitted without prior approval of North West Regional College. Permission requests should be directed to the Marketing department. Tell us who you are, the organisation you represent (if any), how and why you wish to use our logo. Please include these details as follows:.

  • Name
  • Department/Organisation
  • Reason for use of logo
  • Format of logo required
  • Contact details

Course disclaimer

The North West Regional College has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that this course database is accurate. Applicants are advised however that the process of development between publication and the completion of programmes may lead to occasional variations, for which the College disclaims legal liability. The College reserves the right to revise, alter or discontinue courses of study and to amend the regulations at any time without notice. Applicants are asked to note that courses will run only if sufficient numbers are recruited.

General website disclaimer

While the North West Regional College have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information on the pages of this site inserted by us, we can accept no legal liability in respect of any inaccuracy or incompleteness in such information. The North West Regional College accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy and completion of information appearing on this website. No part of these website pages may be reproduced on or transmitted to or stored in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system except for ‘fair use’.


Users may through hypertext or other computer “links” gain access to other websites on the Internet which are not part of the North West Regional College website. The College assumes no responsibility for any material outside of the North West Regional College website which may be accessed through any such “link.”

Virus protection

North West Regional College makes every effort to check and test material at all stages of production. It is always wise for users to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the Internet.

North West Regional College cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to user’s data or computer systems which may occur whilst using material from the North West Regional College website.

The North West Regional College has tried to make this website open to everyone and the process of improving website accessibilty is ongoing. If you find you are having difficulties using this website, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help resolve the problem. It must be noted that certain aspects of the website are graphic in nature which may reduce accessibility.

Standards compliance

We are aiming for all pages on this site to meet the highest accessibility standards complying, where possible, with all priority 1, 2 and 3 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We are in the process of improving our Accessibilty rating, however, content is added on an on-going basis and errors may occur. Please feel free to contact usin this instance.

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