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Business as usual for William

12 February 2021
William Mc Fadden

Q & A with NWRC Business Graduate – William McFadden

Meet NWRC Business Graduate William McFadden. William studied the Foundation Degree in Business and Enterprise at the college, before going to study at Ulster University where he gained a First Class Honours Degree in Business and Marketing. He now works as an Assistant Project Manager with Babcock Rail.

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What course did you study at NWRC?
Foundation Degree in Business & Enterprise.

Why did you choose NWRC?
I was having a really hard time adjusting to life in Belfast. In hindsight, I think I was too young to move away from home. I came home in February 2016 and was too late to go through UCAS for September entry to Magee, so had a look at the options at NWRC instead. I ended up going for an interview for a place on the Business and Enterprise foundation degree and was accepted.

Describe your time at NWRC:
My time at NWRC was undoubtedly the best experience I’ve ever had in an educational environment. Because the class was relatively small, there were so many opportunities for discussion when it came to challenging topics. I also felt like the tutors were genuinely interested in seeing all of the students reach their maximum potential and were always available for 1-1 advice and additional support.

What did you do afterwards?
I completed the Bridging course to transfer from the foundation degree at NWRC into the final year of Business & Marketing undergraduate at UU Magee. I only had to do one year at Magee and walked away with a first-class honours in Business & Marketing.

How important was your time at NWRC?
Extremely important – both personally and academically. I never imagined attending NWRC because I always had misled preconceptions of what it would be like. I would urge anyone considering an alternative route to education to do it via NWRC. The different career pathways available at the college are unmatched.

Did you go on to employment after studying?
Yes. I took an administrative assistant job with Babcock Rail in July 2019 (the same week that I graduated from UU Magee). I am still working for Babcock Rail but have been recently promoted to Assistant Project Manager.

Would you recommend a business course at NWRC?
Without doubt, yes.

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