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Explore your Students' Union

The NWRCSU is your opportunity to get involved, share ideas and make a difference.

The Students’ Union looks after the interests of all students at NWRC and works closely with staff to ensure that life at the College remains vibrant, rewarding and bursting with opportunity.

You don’t have to join, you’re already in!
Every student enrolled at NWRC is automatically a member of the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union represents all students on all campuses and with the help of the Student Council represents the wider student voice.

The Student Council helps to organise:

  • Fundraising
  • Freshers’ Week
  • SU Council Election
  • Union Clubs & Societies
  • Class Rep Training & Engagement
  • Sports and Team-Building Activities
  • Team Building
  • Sporting Activity
  • European Travel
  • External Collaboration
  • Worldwide Mobility Opportunities
Student Union

The Student Council is here to:

  • Promote the general welfare of all students
  • Encourage student societies, sports clubs and social activities
  • Act as a channel of communication between students and the College
  • Promote the interests of all students and to represent them in all matters affecting their interests
  • Enhance the standing of students in the local community

Work, Study & Experience Abroad

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You can run for election, become part of the Student Council and help provide a “voice” for students!

The Students’ Union Council is made up of 14 Cross-College elected Student Officers who have varied responsibilities in the day-to-day running of the Union.

College students can be elected to the following roles: Student Governor, President, Entertainment Officer, Welfare Officer, Part-time student officer, LGBT Officer, Secretary, Disability Officer and Women’s Officer. The Student Governor sits on the Board of Governors which means the student perspective is included in any major decision making within the College.

Students from across all five campuses are encouraged to get involved with the Union body to organise events, support campaigns, trips and fund-raisers. It is an incredibly important team and we want you to get on board!

Meet the Student Council Officers

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    NWRC is a great place to learn. The NWRCSU is run by students, for students. We will do our upmost to ensure that the student voice is strong in the College and that your views are being heard right at the very top. Let us all work together so that every student feels that they belong to the college
    Eamonn Kelly

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