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Freshers' Week & Induction

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Your NWRC experience begins each year with Fresher’s Week
and Induction activities which are run by our Student Services.

The key aims are

  • Provide key information to help students to make the transition into college
  • Help students to make friends and settle quickly into college
  • Reinforce positive messages about expectations
  • Encourage students to get involved in college life, supported by cross campus ‘get-involved’ activities
  • Make sure students are on the correct programme.


These activities will share vital information on areas such as; Student’s Union, Student Finance, Careers Academy, Safeguarding, Learning Link, Library and Wellbeing. Interactivity will be the key, with a range of prizes and rewards on offer for participation.

Fresher’s Week

New students will receive a Virtual Fresher’s Pack from Student Services. It will contain all the relevant information and resources available at fresher’s fairs, such as; SU Election details, Clubs and Societies, Money Tips, Job info, Freebies and Online Study Smart Tips. Content for Fresher’s is still being devised, and suggestions for such are most welcome from our curriculum partners.

Refreshers Week

These events are for our returning students and run similar to Induction, and ideally delivered on Week 2 of the academic calendar. Refreshers is primarily directed at the following returning groups due to current low retention: The plan is to run specific team building activities to improve in year retention. WEEK 3 PT & Induction week will run from week 3 in the academic calendar.

Talk, Don’t walk

Student services also run a campaign over the first six week to get students to communicate virtually with the careers team, if they feel they are on the wrong programme instead of deciding to withdraw from the programme. We want them to communicate and not just leave the course. We aim to inform students of the campaign during the induction activity and we will support with a poster campaign and pop ups on computers.

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