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Classes continue as "normal" in the virtual classroom at NWRC

02 April 2020
Web Class Screen Shot

During the period of college closure teachers and students have been interacting together using the college's Microsoft Office365 cloud based platform, mainly through Microsoft Teams. The classes are allocated into a MS team together with their lecturer which allows them to schedule "Classes" online.

The students can see and hear the lecturer, likewise, the teacher can see and hear the students. But, the whole experience needs to be more interactive, just like a real face to face interaction within the physical classroom.

One lecturer, Thomas Moore - Computing Curriculum Manager and TEL Mentor, has taken the same concepts of the traditional in-class whiteboard and pens and used it online with his students in the BTec Level 2 in ICT They are able to see what has been written on the board as Thomas talks them through the lesson.

The same as in the classroom, students are being asked to come up to the front and write on the board, in a virtual manner.

Thomas Moore said: "We want the classes to be as normal as possible, especially when teaching binary calculations or flow chart design. All that we are doing is teaching the same classes, with the same techniques, just that it is online."

Classes continue as "normal" in the virtual classroom at NWRC.

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