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Darcy’s 'Call to Be a Midwife' started at North West Regional College

28 August 2018
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A-Levels are not the only route to success Darcy Diver is about to start a degree in Midwifery at the University of West Scotland, after completing the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health Sciences at North West Regional College. The course, which is the equivalent of three A Levels, prepares students for employment and further study in a number of areas including nursing, speech therapy, occupational and physiotherapy.
Darcy came to NWRC direct from school where she achieved 10 GCSEs, saying she preferred a more hands on learning approach to A-Levels. She explained: “I didn't know that there were other ways of going to university besides A-levels at the time, but after talking to my career advisor I realised that A-levels aren't the only route to success, which many students didn't know at the time. “I also preferred that my course was graded through coursework rather than exams, as it made me actually learn about what I was studying and gain interest in my subjects, rather than just memorising it for a test and forgetting it afterwards. “ The Health and Science Diploma is made up of 18 units ranging from science based subjects such as biochemistry and anatomy, to personal development subjects such as equality and communication. Darcy said “I loved going to class and learning something new every day. “On my course you get 3 weeks of healthcare based work experience, which isn't offered anywhere else. You can only learn so much in a classroom, so being able to gain this experience really help you develop your caring skills. “The course helps us explore different career roles by bringing in guest speakers from different professions to help us find the right career. This was a huge help to me as I was clueless when starting the course, but after our midwifery guest speaker I knew that it was the right career for me. Outside of her course Darcy became a member of the college’s student union, as the LGBT officer. She said: “This meant I had the opportunity to represent the students of the college and be their voice. I made some great friends through the union and I attended the NUS-USI festival on behalf of the college. During my time as LGBT officer I helped the union organise many events such as our Sexual Health Awareness day and our LGBT+ group sessions. The Rainbow Project very kindly assisted us with these events and I believe they have made the college a more LGBT inclusive place. “NWRC also introduced me to Foyle Down Syndrome Trust, where I became a volunteer. This involved going to the youth club one day a week and playing games, exercising and teaching some life skills sessions with the members. Through joining these clubs at the college I have become a much more confident, sociable person and I have had the time of my life. “I would recommend NWRC because it has provided me with valuable skills which will benefit me for the rest of my life. I didn't have any plan for my future before attending the college but after a few months of starting my confidence had vastly improved and I became a much more organised and focused person. “School was definitely not the right route for me but with the help of the college I was able to examine all my options and form my very own personalised career plan with the help of our unique careers academy. The college has introduced me to the most amazing people who I will be friends with for life, and it has also introduced me to lecturers who have become my role models. Any time I needed help with my coursework or even an outside problem the staff were always there to support me. Even through my university application and interviews when I questioned my abilities, the staff were there to give me the help and reassurance I needed. My time at the college has not only developed me into a caring, competent healthcare worker, but also a confident person who now believes that she can do anything she sets her mind to.” For more information on NWRC courses log on to
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