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From Banking and Finance to Health and Welfare - Jovy's changing direction with a part time course at NWRC

20 May 2024
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Meet Jovy Gonzales who has a Degree in BSC Banking and Finance and is now changing direction to study a part-time Access Adult Learning course in Health & Welfare at NWRC.


Jovy Gonzales

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the Philippines, and came here in 2006.

What course are you studying at NWRC?

Access Diploma in Health and Welfare at NWRC.

What was your previous education before you came to NWRC?

Before this course, I finished a degree in BSC Banking and Finance, with a minor in Accountancy in the Philippines.

Why did you choose NWRC?

I chose to study at NWRC because they offered the course that I wanted to do on a part-time basis as I work full time.

Tell us more about your course!

My course at NWRC is the Access Diploma in Health and Welfare. It is a part-time course, only once a week. It is a Level 3 course aligned to the HSC framework. Upon finishing this course the student can choose to do a further higher education in HSC or work in the NHS.

Do you recommend this course?

Yes I highly recommend this course.

What are your plans for the future?

My personal plan after I finish my course in 2025 is to do further study in Nursing or any HSC higher education course.

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