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Happy International Women's Day from HLA student Sarah-Jane

08 March 2024
woman wearing high vis and hat on construction site

Meet Sarah-Jane Glenn who is studying for a Higher Level Apprenticeship in Construction and Renewables at NWRC while working for Habinteg Housing.


Sarah Jane Glenn.



What course are you/did you studying?

HLA/HNC Construction and Renewables.

Previous Education before you came to NWRC?

BSc (Geography) and MSc (Planning & Development) from QUB.

Why did you choose to study at NWRC?

It’s close to my home and work and has been recommended by colleagues.

Tell me about your course at NWRC. Why a HLA?

A HLA allows me to both study and work whilst still achieving a qualification after the two years. It’s a great way to progress your career and expand your knowledge on a sector which is beneficial at an early stage of your career to anticipate the particular avenue that you would like to pursue.

Who was your employer?

Habinteg Housing Association.

What is the best thing about NWRC?

The lecturers are accommodating and flexible and appreciate that you also have a full-time job,. The style of teaching is more hands-on than university but more colloquial than school which is a good balance.

What is your plan for afterwards?

To stay in my current role but have gained a more in-depth knowledge of the construction industry.

Would you recommend this course to other students?

I would recommend it to a student who is interested in the construction sector but is unsure of which avenue to take from there, as the course gives a broad overview so that the student can make a more informed decision. I would also recommend to employees wishing to progress their career in the sector.

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