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Meet Juno Hasson who completed the HND in Music at NWRC and is now going to study at BIMM in Brighton

26 August 2022
Female music student Juno Hasson, sings into a mic

My Music course at NWRC changed my life. Now I'm going to BIMM Institute in Brighton.

Juno Hasson.


Why did you choose NWRC?

I chose to study at NWRC because I really wanted to take the next step in my chosen career which was music, more specifically Music Performance. I always enjoyed every aspect of music but nothing made me feel as happy and as aligned as performing did. I wanted to get out and meet new people, people who shared different music tastes and different talents.

I looked at the course for music performance at NWRC and decided this was the only route I was going to go down.


About my course

I completed a 2-year course entitled Level 3 Music Performance and have just recently achieved a HND qualification. Throughout the 3 years I have been at the College, I have found it to be nurturing and motivating. The friends I have made will stay with me for life and the lecturers who so eagerly want to see me succeed is something you come across once in a lifetime. I've had nothing other than support and care from everyone there.

My course was a perfect mix of everything I needed to know. I took part in live performances, classes on the industry, I learned about music theory and how to apply it. I also learned about songwriting and how to apply that to my own craft.

As well as having access to incredible facilities such as practise rooms, mac suites, studios and a performance theatre, not to mention the incredible student services who helped me with counselling through a hard period post-pandemic. This course has changed my life.

Juno Hasson sings lead vocals for NWRC's first Christmas music video in 2019


What’s the plan now?

After 3 years at the college I am set to start at BIMM Institute in Brighton on an unconditional offer.


Would you recommend your course to other students?

To put it simply yes. This course and its lecturers are something you come across very rarely in your life. The vibrancy and passion of the other students and lecturers can only create a positive learning atmosphere. The skills you learn apply to so much more than music and are skills you can carry with you for any future endeavours.

I recommend this course because it has changed my life and opened the door for so many opportunities for me and I know it will do the same for so many.

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