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NWRC celebrates the Best of TEL

19 June 2019
WEB DSC 7316 2
A Hairdressing lecturer at NWRC has been named the overall winner at the college’s Best of Teaching and Enhanced Learning Awards (TEL). Liz January, who teaches at Strand Road Campus, was commended for her extensive use of mobile devices to record, share and access learning content. By operating a paperless classroom, Liz, who works for the Department of Training and Skills, also maximises a wide range of mobile apps including Adobe Spark, Piccolage, Thinglink, Imovie, and Microsoft. Liz also encourages the use of eportfolios for assessment.The awards, which were held at the college’s Flying Clipper restaurant, shortlisted lecturers from NWRC’s four Departments. Winner of Health and Sports was Roisin Wilson, winner for Business and Hospitality was John Crowe, and the winner for Science, Technology and the Creative Industries was Emma Dickson. Lecturers across the college were commended for the development of their skills in new technologies that include developing their own Apps, using social media, utilising podcasts, augmented reality, ilearning resources, online discussions forums and their use of established Apps. Martin Peoples, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning and Support at NWRC said: “I’d like to congratulate all the nominees for this, our first, Best of TEL awards. “The College recognises that there are excellent examples of engaging use of TEL across curriculum areas and, as part of our Digital College Strategy 2018-20, launched these annual awards to reflect this excellence. All nominees are winners, identified by colleagues for their excellence. “These awards celebrate those staff who have excelled in their use of Technology to support their teaching and help their students achieve. “The event was also an opportunity for all our staff to hear of, and explore, work done by colleagues to provide inspiration.”
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