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NWRC hosts Tourism Cluster event

18 May 2023
group of people at conference

NWRC held a successful Tourism Cluster Event this week engaging with local and regional tourism stakeholders to discuss raising the profile of tourism as a career.
During the event, college representatives delivered a presentation on the NWRC tourism provision, student achievements, and funding opportunities.
There was also a panel discussion on perspectives of the tourism industry from Chair of NWRC’s Governing Body, Jennifer McKeever, Wendy McDermott, Londonderry Chamber, and Luane Quigley, Curriculum Manager, NWRC.

Thanks to our guests: Jennifer McKeever (Chair of NWRC Board of Governors), Janice Gault - CE of Northern Ireland Hotels Federation, Roisin McKee , HATS (hospitality and tourism skills), Jacqueline Whoriskey (events) - Derry City & Strabane District Council, Aeidin McCarter Head of Culture - Derry City & Strabane District Council, Philip McShane (rural tourism) - Derry City & Strabane District Council, Alison Morris - The Guildhall, Michael Hutton - Foyle Cup organizer, Cara McCartney - Millennium Forum Theatre & Conference Centre, Conor Friel - CITYHOTEL, JP McCafferty - Bishop's Gate Hotel Derry, Benjamin McMullan - Hastings Hotels, Northern Ireland and Wendy McDermott, Derry Chamber
And from NWRC: Leo Murphy, Dr. Catherine O’Mullan, Kathleen McCaul, Luane Quigley, Peter Wisener, Wendy Gibbons, Sinead Hawkins, and Jim Murray.
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group of people at conference
group of people at conference
group of people at conference
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