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NWRC Level 3 in Admin leads to employment

23 June 2021
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Meet Lauren and Gail, and their lecturer Anne Marie Scullion. Lauren and Gail have just completed the OCR Level 3 in Administration with ICT.

Lauren previously worked in Food and Gail worked in Retail – but when lockdown hit they both decided to enrol on the admin course at NWRC and have now both secured employment in administration.

Lauren said: “With lockdown I noticed that I was a lot happier and healthier with having routine instead of working late and then back in the next morning and no set of fixed pattern in sleep or eating. So I took the decision to return to education. The reason I decided to do the admin course was that I know that most admin jobs are typically Monday to Friday 9-5 and that is what I wanted instead of the work hours that I already had.

I really enjoyed doing the admin course as within the different modules in the course we covered different aspects and sectors with in an admin role be it HR, Finance, General etc. The course gives you a good base as nearly every role these days has admin aspects to it not only this but I feel like it has greatly improved my confidence in myself. I’ve now been offered several jobs.

Gail said: “I worked in retail for 23 years. I passed my G..C.S. E’S and I have a G.N.V.Q. advanced in Leisure and Tourism. I decided to return to the North West Regional College in 2018/2019 to do my CIPD level 3. I really enjoyed this course although I did find it hard at times as I did not have much experience with computers. During lockdown 2020 I decided that I would like to do the admin course. I really enjoyed the course, and the teaching staff are fantastic. They all showed great patience and helped to build my confidence. I found the course interesting as I had limited experience within an Administration environment. I would recommend this course. It helped to build my confidence and I really enjoyed the subjects involved within the course itself. After working in retail for 23 years I am now currently employed as a HR admin support and enjoying every minute of it. I am also considering returning to N.W.R.C. in September to continue with my studies.

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