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NWRC staff use online technologies to continue classes

24 March 2020
Erin b


Students and teaching staff at NWRC are busy in their second day of home-based classes, delivered online. A range of key online platforms and technical tools are being used to deliver the learning; principally the iLearn (Moodle) learning platform, Microsoft Teams (for live broadcasting of classes and staff training), e-portfolio, for uploading assessment work, and many, many tools for creating innovative learning content and activities. Staff at NWRC have been building up digital skills and resources over many years. They didn't think their preparation work would be so much in demand.

One of these Lecturers is Kevin Ward from our Media Department. Kevin has been continuing lectures and tutorials with his students to continue to learn in a ‘live’ environment. Afterwards....the resources are edited and uploaded to youtube so students can refer back to the material at any point. Many of the students have installed classroom apps so lecturers and students are notified when any new content goes in the group. Kevin has also surveyed all the students to find out what facilities they have at home to complete some of the more practical units. Minor adjustments can then be made to the brief so students can finish their modules.

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