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NWRC was the best post GCSE option to pursue a career in Computing

26 July 2021
Eoin irwin

Meet our former student Eoin Irwin.

Eoin completed a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology at NWRC, a Foundation Degree (FDSc) in Software Development at NWRC, and is now studying for his BSc Computing Systems at Ulster University (Higher Level Apprenticeship with Kainos), while working full time.

The 22 year-old also uses his time to mentor students interested in pursuing a career in Computing, by giving talks to Level 3 and Foundation Degree students at NWRC.

More recently Eoin held a virtual career talk for students at NWRC, during the Covid-19 lockdown.

He said: “I would recommend NWRC to all students who are considering the next steps in their career. NWRC and the computing lecturers have helped me get to where I am today in my career and have given me valuable transferable skills and knowledge, which have helped me in education and the workplace.”

Eoin said: “When I was leaving secondary school after completing my GCSEs, I looked at all possible education options and the possibility of completing A-Levels back at secondary school or through NWRC. I believed that NWRC was the best option to pursue a career in computing.

“In the final year of my Foundation Degree, I applied for Kainos Earn As You Learn Scheme, a higher level apprenticeship in partnership with Ulster University. I was successful with the application. Upon completing the foundation degree the following September, I started my degree in Computing Systems part-time and started working for Kainos full time.

“Since joining Kainos, I have kept in touch with the computing lecturers from NWRC, which have helped me get to this point of my career. I have held multiple talks with both Level 3 and Foundation Degree students about my journey and possible career options when graduating. I held a virtual event recently about my career path and the work I currently do, also discussing the work experience I had with E + I engineering as part of the foundation degree.

“My plan now is to finish my degree at Ulster University and continue my career with Kainos.”

For more information on courses in Computing at IT at NWRC go to

Since joining Kainos, I have kept in touch with the computing lecturers from NWRC, who have helped me get to this point of my career

Eoin Irwin
NWRC I.T. graduate

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