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Our course is exactly the same as if it was in the classroom

06 April 2020
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NWRC Lecturer in Digital Design James McGarrigle is continuing all timetables classes with his Year 1 and 2 HNC/D Digital Design students by meeting via video conference (Program - Zoom)

James said: “We are able to go through and discuss the delivery of all semester 2 units. We can also share screens to critique all creative work produced as a group and also individually as a private meeting.

“Sharing the screen, I can also continue workshops of Adobe software to the entire class.

“All recurring meetings like this have been set up until the start of June. Work will be submitted digitally when the deadline is due.

“This Digital Design course lends itself really effectively to remote learning via video conference. Each student has sufficient online access to complete the rest of this course."


Cathair Kerrigan -HND Digital Design

"With the current health concerns, it has been really helpful as it allows us to keep up with our course and not fall behind while during the quarantine and being able to edit work based on critique immediately for feedback is really useful. Also saves on petrol money daily"

Danielle McCutcheon -HND Digital Design

"It's good because we can do our course exactly the same as if in the classroom, but from the comfort of home. Having the meetings ensures we keep up to date with deadlines and motivates me to produce work knowing we have a group meeting 3 times a week and the option for 1 to 1 individual meetings at any point"

Caileigh Loughran -HND Digital Design

“I’m so thankful to be studying a course where online learning isn’t stressful or a worry of mine. Everything has been made really simple & our tutors are more than helpful, overall it’s been a great experience so far.”

Orlagh McCloskey -HND Digital Design

"so far online learning has been going really well for our class. the regular zoom meetings give a bit of structure to my week and help me stay on track with work, as well as getting feedback and a discussion with everyone else!"

Keelan McElhinney -HND Digital Design

"Find it useful because having everyone in the one place for critiquing and getting advice on work helps, and it makes working at my own pace a little easier"

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