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Psychlorama gets Australian premiere at Dome Under Film Festival in Melbourne

16 January 2023
NWRC Pscyhlorama2306212 002

A unique audio-visual ‘made for dome’ projection, produced by a team at North West Regional College, is to be screened at the Dome Under festival in Melbourne on Saturday, February 4.

Psychlorama has travelled more than 10,000 miles to be part of the full dome film festival at the Melbourne Planetarium in Australia.

It’s huge news for Psychlorama’s creators from North West Regional College, Ulster University, Blast Furnace Recording Studio, Queen’s University Belfast, Movin Music Academy and Celtronic who worked on this collaborative project.

Tony Talbot, producer of Psychlorama and lecturer at NWRC, said the screening in Australia showed the global appeal of the show which uses Immersive Cinematography, Spatial Audio, Generative Art, and Artificial Intelligence to create an innovative projection experience.

He added: “Psychlorama is a 30-minute, four-part experimental piece incorporating hugely inventive visuals and electronic music, first screened at NWRC in 2022.

“The idea first came about as part of a Connected NI-supported field trip in 2019 when two NWRC lecturers attended the Mira AV festival in Barcelona and visited a projection dome for the first time, seeing a number of short 360° AV productions. Realising the creative potential of the medium, they had a thought: should we have a go at this ourselves?

“Two years later, Psychlorama emerged. Everyone involved is delighted to see the project travel the world and take its place in the ‘Mind Blowing Art’ section of the festival. Also, as Psychlorama closes the show on the Saturday night, it shows that Dome Under are saving the best until last!”

Psychlorama is produced by Tony Talbot; visuals by James McGarrigle and The Fully Automatic Model; audio by Rayon Vert, The Fully Automatic Model and Aaron Thomas, with essential contributions from Alan Hook and Vincent O’Callaghan.

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