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Renowned Mathematician at NWRC

16 October 2019
WEB james grimes soap solution

NWRC is delighted to welcome James Grime to the college.

James is a mathematician with a personal passion for maths communication and the promotion of mathematics in schools and to the general public. He can be mostly found doing exactly that, either touring the world giving public talks, or on YouTube (where he has over 200k subscribers).

The theme of his talk is:

Heard about Enigma? Then hear about the other German code machine, Lorenz – a machine used for the most important of messages, including those from Adolf Hitler himself.

Or hear the story of Hedy Lamarr, the Golden Age Hollywood film star and secret inventor who patented a way to transmit messages without being blocked that we still use in WiFi today.

See how messages and photos are transmitted on the internet, and the secret messages that tell a film studio when you are sharing movies illegally.

See how are messages transmitted without mistakes, even from space. And we’ll prove that you can drill a hole in a CD and it will still play – live!

This is a 60 minute talk that takes a look at the hidden maths behind the digital world, from WWII to WiFi.

Incidentally in his spare time James has many hobbies, including juggling, unicycling and a great number of other circus skills, and has finally embraced the fact that his ultimate purpose in life may be simply to make a fool of himself in public.

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