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The Foundation Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management is a great course which helped me get to where I am today

16 June 2022
Aaron landscape


Aaron Quigley

Where are you from?


Course studied at NWRC?

Foundation Degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management

Previous Education before you came to NWRC?

Studied my A-Levels in St Joseph’s Boy’s School and through the Foyle Learning Community I also studied my Geography A-Level in St Mary’s Secondary School.

Why did you choose to study at NWRC?

I choose to study at NWRC because it enabled me to stay at home and continue my study and also because it gave me a clear pathway into a management career in the Hospitality & Tourism sector.

Tell me about your course.

My course was made up of many different modules, including GHTMI, Computerised Accounts, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Studies Advice, Leadership & People Management, and Seminars. There are more which varied but all were useful alongside our Work Based Learning/Work Experience, while learning we were able to put this information to use in a real setting over the course of 2 years.

Did you take part in any work-based learning as part of your course?

I was already in employment in the Everglades Hotel at the time I began this course, so I was lucky enough where I was able to enhance my learning with work experience through the Hastings Hotels Group. I worked across all departments developing and applying the knowledge that I was learning through my course in the NWRC. This format was invaluable for learning the industry, not just working.

What did you do afterwards?

I finished this course in 2017/2018 and since then I have went on and applied my knowledge in North America as a Management Intern in Country Clubs, to holding different management positions within the Industry locally in our city. I became Events Manager in Da Vinci’s Hotel at 21 years of age and currently am the Bar Manager in Da Vinci’s Hotel.

Would you recommend this course to other students?

I would highly recommend this course to any future student who wants to study and further themselves in the same industry. This course gave me the opportunity and platform to jump the ladder in the industry at a young age! This course is also highly transferable, this qualification can be taken all over the world so this is one of the courses which opens up doors all over the world.

Classroom setting allowed for 1 on 1 learning, you were able to get your questions and queries answered. It’s a great course which helped me get to where I am today and gave me the core teachings you need to succeed in the Hospitality & Tourism Sector.

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