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Katelyn McShane

Name: Katelyn McShane
Course: Ulster University Level 5 Foundation Degree in Business and Enterprise

Meet Katelyn McShane, who studied the Foundation Degree in Business and Enterprise at NWRC and is now working full-time with the NWRC Business Support Centre as a Business Analyst.

I chose to study Business and Enterprise because I felt like it was the perfect course for me. I got to study in abroad in Atlanta, Georgia as part of my course and now I'm working as a full-time Business Analyst.

Why did you choose to study Business and Enterprise?

I chose to study the Foundation Degree because I felt like it was the perfect fit for me. This course allowed me to explore every avenue of business whilst giving me fantastic opportunities to study abroad.

I have studied everything on this course from HR, marketing, accounting, economics and enterprise; it really allowed me to find out where my passions in business lay without jumping into another course still not sure of my career path. I accredit a lot of my success to the structure of the course, I have absolutely loved it.


Tell us about the course. Which bits do you like the most?

I would 1000% recommend this course. The course is fantastic because it offers the opportunity to bridge and still receive your bachelor's degree within 3 years however the quality of the teaching and attentiveness is what sold it for me.

The class sizes are much smaller and the work is a lot more structured. The course is certainly challenging as it is a Level 5 qualification, so that is to be expected but the tutors and the course content genuinely makes it fun to learn.


Tell us about your time in the USA?

I have the best year of my life in the US whilst on the Study USA programme. I moved to Atlanta, GA in August of 2019 to study at the prestigious Agnes Scott College for the year, majoring in International Business and Econ. Despite the trip getting cut short and having to leave in March due to COVID I still had the most amazing time and met friends for life and made memories I really will never forget. I now have friends all across the globe, from the US to Sweden, to Austria, France, Switzerland, Austria and Nepal.

My confidence grew tenfold and I had some fantastic placement opportunities whilst away to expand my business background and to represent my country well.


What are you doing now?

I had a fantastic placement for my final year with the Business Support Centre team at NWRC and I am delighted to now be working there full-time as a Business Analyst.

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