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Student Case Study

Blake Walker Dunlop case study

Blake Walker Dunlop

Course: RSL Level 3 Diploma in Creative and Performing Arts

Meet Blake, a Performing Arts student from Strand Road Campus. He has always loved acting and has a particular interest in working as a Voice Actor in the entertainment industry. He says his course helped bring him out of his shell and he has made lots of new friends.

Performing in front of a live audience was the best experience of my life. Auditioning for a character written on paper and making them come to life is exhilarating!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Northern Ireland but I'm half Jamaican.


Did you study any other courses at the College?

Prior to my current course, I studied Media Production.


Why did you choose to study Performing Arts at NWRC?

I joined this course wanting to study voice acting, in my free time would study other people's voice-over work to help me out, but this course made me enjoy both voice-over and acting.


What was the course like – it looks like so much fun?

Doing shows is the most fun experience of my life, auditioning for a character written on paper and making them come to life is exhilarating. The voice reel I had to do for my voice-over class was so much fun to record.


Did you make friends?

Because of covid I put a bubble around myself, so I didn't communicate much except with my family members. But this course broke that bubble and I made lots of great friends and memories.


Have you been involved in any performances?

The first ever show I was in was the Christmas pantomime which was the first ever type of acting I have ever done. The second show was the love show where I got a solo part which was to sing Hey Ya. I had a blast in rehearsals.

The third show was Macbeth and I would play one of the witches in it which is a major role in Macbeth. The fourth show was Romeo and Juliet which I was the understudy for the dance. It was a fun dance to learn and perform.

Blake performing alongside his classmates during the College's Best in Further Education Awards
Blake performing alongside his classmates during the NWRC Best in Further Education Awards


How does College life differ from school?

The main difference is you don't get treated like a child and more like an adult plus you have more freedom with what you can wear and you aren't constrained by a school uniform.


Did it make a huge difference because you could study locally and didn’t have to move away?

It is so handy that the College is only a short walk from the close bus depot. It's really convenient because I can take the morning bus and then get the bus home again in the afternoon.


Would you recommend NWRC?

It's so much fun. You just need to choose the right course that is made for you, or a subject that you desire to study.

Blake also took part in the college's 2023 Student Recruitment campaign
Blake also took part in the college's 2023 Student Recruitment campaign

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