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Best in FE Awards 2023

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Our Best in Further Education Awards 2023 are a week-long series of events taking place across our campuses in Strabane, Derry-Londonderry, and Limavady which recognise and celebrate over 200 College learners from more than 60 Further Education programmes, including Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas.

To each of you collecting awards, I offer you my warmest congratulations. We are acknowledging the best of the best from our Further Education courses – some awards recognise academic and skills excellence, whilst others reflect the dedication and commitment you have made to our college community and your future success. This is a day I am sure you will look back on with very fond memories in the company of your fellow students, and with your families who have supported you every step of the way.

Congratulations again to each you, and I wish you continued success in the next stage of your career.

Leo Murphy,

Principal and Chief Executive


  • Orla McIntyre – Zachary Geddis Memorial Cup

    Raphael Archibald - Academic Achievement

    Nicola McCloskey - Academic Achievement

    Caolan McLoone - Academic Achievement

    Victoria Nicholl Academic - Achievement

    Bella Roddy Academic - Achievement

    Ruth Smyth Academic- Achievement

    Matthew McBride - Services to the Vocational Area

    Lewis Hughes - Contribution to a Team

    Martin Mongan - Contribution to a Team

    Katelyn Begley - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Rachel Donaghy - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Kevin McAteer - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Evan Moore - Outstanding Communication

    Devin Houston - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Charlotte Conn - Academic Achievement

    Emily McClelland - Academic Achievement

    Holly McGarry - Academic Achievement

    Sarah McLaughlin - Academic Achievement

    Kerry Moffatt - Academic Achievement

    Demi O'Donnell - Academic Achievement

    Grainne Turton - Academic Achievement and Enhancing College Reputation

    Elizabeth Priestly - Academic Achievement and Services to the Vocational Area

    Chantel Donaghy - Services to the Vocational Area

    Decla Irwin - Services to the Vocational Area

    Whitney Stephenson - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Molly McVeigh - Enhancing College Reputation

    Rhiannon Barton - Outstanding Communication

    Lauren Boyd - Academic Achievement

    Lewis Brown - Academic Achievement

    Grace Dorrian Carlin - Academic Achievement

    Shea McMacken - Services to the Vocational Area

    Cathal Farren - Contribution to a Team

    Oliver Condon - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Mona Irwin Personal - Achievement /Commitment

    Anastacia McClay - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    John Keys Enhancing - College Reputation

    Reuben Gallucci - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Lukasz Plata - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    James Kirk - Outstanding Communication

    Katie Thompson - Outstanding Communication

    Jake Hunt - Academic Achievement

    Ethan McKeown - Academic Achievement

    Poppy Miller - Academic Achievement

    Jamie-Lee Moore - Academic Achievement

    Patrick O'Kane - Academic Achievement

    Harvey Butcher - Academic Achievement and Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Amy Currie - Services to the Vocational Area

    Grace McClean - Services to the Vocational Area

    Morgan Nutt - Services to the Vocational Area

    Jack Culbertson - Contribution to a Team

    Patrick Neeson - Contribution to a Team

    Odhran OBrien - Contribution to a Team

    Enda Heany - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Thomas Meenagh - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Ethan Brolly - Enhancing College Reputation

    Kiernan Daly - Enhancing College Reputation

    Jack Deery - Enhancing College Reputation

    Dylan Steele - Enhancing College Reputation

  • Ellie Caulfield – Eileen Cairns Scholarship

    Eloise Downey - Academic Achievement

    Rebecca Doherty - Services to the Vocational Area

    Marie Moss - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Catherine Taylor - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Ellie Caulfield - Academic Achievement

    Chloe Brisbane - Academic Achievement

    Conor Harkin - Academic Achievement

    Ryan Diver - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Elisha Moss - Academic Achievement

    Lorraine McNabb - Academic Achievement

    Marie Daly - Academic Achievement

  • Lisa Hogg - Academic Achievement

    Eimear McCole - Academic Achievement

    Matthew McGrory - Academic Achievement

    Maria McLaughlin - Academic Achievement

    Aisling McLaughlin - Academic Achievement

    Jason Moran - Academic Achievement

    Niamh O'Leary - Academic Achievement

    Kaitlin Rutherford - Academic Achievement

    Donna Sheerin - Academic Achievement

    Amy Campbell - Services to the Vocational Area

    Elizabeth Doherty - Services to the Vocational Area

    Jamie Houston - Services to the Vocational Area

    Jamie Kavanagh - Services to the Vocational Area

    Lee Millar - Services to the Vocational Area

    Shane Wallace - Services to the Vocational Area

    John Conway - Contribution to a Team

    Emmett Hargan - Contribution to a Team

    Caoimhe Murphy - Contribution to a Team

    Demi Lee O'Kane - Contribution to a Team

    Nadine Dockery - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Taylor Donaghy - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Nyasha Gopoza - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Kevin Grint - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Casey Kealy - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Joshua Lowry - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Sarah Ramsey - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Conor Walker - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Tiarnan Burke - Enhancing College Reputation

    Aidan McFadden - Enhancing College Reputation

    Samantha McFadden - Enhancing College Reputation

    Aidan Harrington - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Eimear McSheffery - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Andree McBride - Outstanding Communication

    Gemma McDaid - Outstanding Communication

    Evelyn Hannon - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    David McGarrigle - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Darcy McMorris - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Blathnaid ODonnell - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Parker Benson - Academic Achievement

    Kieran Dallas - Academic Achievement

    Roma Dorrian - Academic Achievement

    Amy Giff - Academic Achievement

    Jasmine Hyndman - Academic Achievement

    Charlie McCarthy - Academic Achievement

    Antony McGuinness - Academic Achievement

    Stephanie Neely - Academic Achievement

    Frances O'Deorain - Academic Achievement

    Michaela Rauta - Academic Achievement

    Blaithin Skett - Academic Achievement

    Jack Guy - Services to the Vocational Area

    Carleigh Irving - Services to the Vocational Area

    Aaron Kee - Services to the Vocational Area

    Rebecca Lynch - Services to the Vocational Area

    Alara Thompson - Services to the Vocational Area

    Caoimhin MacHugh - Contribution to a Team

    Sean Martin - Contribution to a Team

    Dayne Roberts - Contribution to a Team

    Caitlin Buchanan - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Chloe Curran - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Laura Devenny - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Seanitta Diver Duffy - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Colleen Kerr McMahon - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Stephen Logue - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Sinead McCahill - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Chiyanne McGrotty - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Samantha McLaughlin - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Amy ODonnell - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Audrey O'Donnell - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Caitlin Barr - Enhancing College Reputation

    Emma Gallagher Cooke - Enhancing College Reputation

    Ciara Kealey - Enhancing College Reputation

    Amy McCloskey - Enhancing College Reputation

    Ben Mellon - Enhancing College Reputation

    Lydia Wasson - Enhancing College Reputation

    Alisha Catterson - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Natalie Eckeberg Timoney - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Margaret Farren - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Rachel McCormick - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Charley Turner - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Marjorie Kealey - Outstanding Communication

    Daniel Martin - Outstanding Communication

    Nadine McGeoghan - Outstanding Communication

    Mathew Russell - Outstanding Communication

    Caterina Shiels - Outstanding Communication

    Conan McShane - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Cara Stevenson - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Shannon Tedstone - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Emmett Gallagher – Gerard Finnegan memorial cup

    Jamie Wilson - Academic Achievement

    Niall McLaughlin - Academic Achievement

    Patrick Barber - Academic Achievement

    Jessica Underwood - Academic Achievement

    Shea McKeever - Academic Achievement

    Ryan McGill - Academic Achievement

    Theobold Dube - Academic Achievement

    Olivia McMonagle - Services to the Vocational Area

    Aidan Nash - Services to the Vocational Area

    Brian Barber - Services to the Vocational Area

    Dylan Smith - Contribution to a Team

    Bryony Halford - Contribution to a Team

    Megan (Mikey) Bonina - Contribution to a Team

    Kieran Breslin - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Brian McGill - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Jac Carr - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Roisin Quinn - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Ben O’Donnell - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Kaley Sheerin - Enhancing College Reputation

    Erin Halford - Enhancing College Reputation

    Jacob Crawford - Enhancing College Reputation

    Kaylee Finegan - Enhancing College Reputation

    Jude Gilchrist - Enhancing College Reputation

    Ben McGlinchey - Enhancing College Reputation

    Jenny Wright - Enhancing College Reputation

    Shea Devine - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Kyle Peoples - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Aaron Smith - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Ben Earley - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Eve Jack - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Lewis Kennedy - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Thomas Harkin - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Zach Richardson - Outstanding Communication

    Aodhan Taylor - Outstanding Communication

    Ciaran Gormley - Outstanding Communication

    Emmett Johnston - Outstanding Communication

    Jake Harrigan - Outstanding Communication

    Alexander Wallace - Outstanding Communication

    Elizabeth McGarrigle - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Kayla O’Doherty - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Vinny Kavanagh - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Melika Azhdari Shirazian - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Carolyn McGeehan - Academic Achievement

    Liam McAllister - Academic Achievement

    Liam Bradley - Academic Achievement

    Isabella Laverty - Academic Achievement

    Kelly McLaughlin - Academic Achievement

    Sophia Donaghy - Academic Achievement

    Stephen Irvine - Academic Achievement

    Oisin McKillop - Academic Achievement

    Oran O'Doherty - Academic Achievement

    Lily Barr - Academic Achievement

    Liam Blake - Academic Achievement

    Jane McCauley - Academic Achievement

    Oran McGowan - Academic Achievement

    Chloe Campbell - Academic Achievement

    Margaret Wilson - Academic Achievement

    Sinead Boyle - Academic Achievement

    Gary Mckinley - Academic Achievement and Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Kyle McCarron - Services to the Vocational Area

    Hollie Mai Bradley - Services to the Vocational Area

    Flynn Gallagher - Services to the Vocational Area and Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Derek Jay Gurney - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    William Clarke - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Katy Sue Duncan Buchanan - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Annabelle McGlinchey - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    John McLaughlin - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Rachel Wright - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Kieron Gallagher - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Jessica Brown - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Cassie Adair - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Lee Gillespie - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Kyrone McLaughlin Reid - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Peter Mitchell - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Michaela McCauley - Personal Achievement /Commitment

    Emma McMullan - Enhancing College Reputation

    Janice Nelson - Enhancing College Reputation

    Chloe Rankin - Enhancing College Reputation

    Patryk Surawski - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Cathal McSheffery - Displaying Creativity and Innovation

    Jake Quigley - Outstanding Communication

    Jarvis Bell - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Kian Thompson - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    David Moore - Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

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