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Be Skilled – Be Qualified – Be Paid

  • DDS 6894

Funded by the Department of Economy in partnership with European Social Fund

Apprentice NI

Getting paid while you train and learn – an attractive proposition. Found an employer who will offer you employment as an apprentice? You can earn while you study/train.

Apprenticeships are available on a full-framework basis to both existing and newly recruited employees. You can enter ApprenticeshipsNI funded apprenticeships on progression from Training for Success or as a direct entrant.

ApprenticeshipsNI offers a diverse range of training and the opportunity to gain nationally-recognised qualifications giving you the skills you need for your chosen career. As an apprentice, you will be with an employer and in paid employment from day one. How much you are paid will be agreed with your employer and will meet national minimum wage requirements.

Once you sign up to ApprenticeshipsNI you will begin to get the training and qualifications necessary for your career and what employers want. Don’t worry about the cost, ApprenticeshipsNI will ensure the full cost of your directed training is met. Once you complete you will have formal qualifications that are recognised by employers worldwide.

Find Your Course

Whatever your goals, let us put your learning and career ambitions on track.

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